I got this snap in Chennai neelankarai beach. A tried make one point perspective of beach where both side beach and the city area is covered. apart from technical reviews beach is always a beauty of Chennai. 

I got this snap in my town. A view near Madurai Thiruparankundram temple. Above the temple there is a mountain and in the top of the mountain there is another temple i got this snap on the way to that temple. This place is hot and Dry   

I got this snap in my town. A view from Madurai vilachery mountain. This mountain is actually a wild but if we reach the top of the mountain their ll be a eyes full of photogenic views

I got this snap in my town. A view from Madurai vilachery. this place  is actually a big dry pond where the edges are fully covered with flowers and graces. This bad big bugs are all over the place, they have hand some of wealthy foods all over that place. 

Don't touch me!!! A snap of little desert plant in a city pot 

Is there any one can anybody say that they don't love tender green. I bet there is no one in the world who hates green. but the question is why the green wealthy woods are destroyed.   

I can name this snap "sleeping beauty" it may be he or she but i can call her she cause she is a beauty 

flowers are girls and the leaves and the stems are boys who carry the flower can u understand what i am telling...

Ready to go for another visit

Every thing has its own texture. The crack in the tree tells "I am not old don't think i am old enough to cut for fuel wood or table wood"

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