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Mind-blowing Optical Illusions

Human eyes gather an incredible amount of imagery and information for our brains to process. There are times, however, when perception does not quite match the physical reality and it’s no surprise that artists worldwide have endeavoured to play upon these apparent weaknesses. 
Lets take a look at those pictures they are actually static, but looks like moving! This is all because of a phenomenon known as optical illusion. I put more space between pictures to help you focus on each of them. Enjoy! 

Top 12 Blogging communities for promoting and getting blogging knowledge

DescriptionThis post is about Blogging Community and the following post contains 12 numbers of websites which are really helpful for promoting your blog and to get good knowledge about blogging.

What is Blogging Community? Blogging community is an online community place where bloggers can share there blog posts. This community will be helpful for connecting with all other bloggers around the world. it is a group of bloggers where they share their own blogs.

Benefits of joining blogging communities:
We can Share our blog with other bloggers worldwide.Get high quality back links for our blog. Increase our blog ranking and reputation.Meet with elite/expert people in the world of blogging.Read latest blog posts of top bloggers.Get help from other bloggers. Get new blogging ideas. I think you have understand the importance of blogging communities. I am sharing a qualified list of best and top blogging communities. I suggest you to join at least 5 blogging communities and update your blog …