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popular websites to sell your photography.

If you are a Photographer and not yet started selling photos online, start doing it right now why because there are many websites there to accept you as a contributor.  You can be a stock photographer which you collect all of your images that people buy for their requirements. Contributor websites don't accept pictures that are not taken by you, pictures that are not of good quality, pictures with noise. Pictures of human faces need Model release approval document. Pictures with recognizable properties Property release document has to be submitted. Try to give relevant name and Keywords for your pictures

In that case, some of the website's reference I want to share in this article.

Considered by many photographers to be among the top three stock imagery sites today, offers free registration, and commission rates start at 25%. However, To get accepted into Shutterstock, you must submit 10 photographs, 7 of which must be approved.

Top-tier stock imagery site,…

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